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→In The Modern Age
Written By: Dr. David J. Sinclair
Circuit Magazine May/June 2017

More Than a Migraine

→What Kind of Headache Are You Really Having?
Written By: Dr. Khurram Nazir
Circuit Magazine May/June 2017

Life Saved: Priceless

→Detecting and Diagnosing Melanoma
Written By: Dr. Jon Ward, MD
Circuit Magazine November 2016

Health and Wellness Special

Written By: Various Members
Circuit Magazine October 2016

Brain Health

→The Most Important Organ
Written By: Dr. Aracelia Bernier
Circuit Magazine March 2016

Bariatrics: Treating Obesity in America

Written By: Dr. George Tracy, MD
Circuit Magazine February 2016


→Who is the Physician Caring for You Behind the Scenes?
Written By: Dr. Judy Limbaugh, M.D.
Circuit Magazine June 2015

Vaccinate Your Baby

→For Your Baby’s Health and Your Neighbor’s Health Too!
Written By: Dr. Ingrid Rachesky, M.D.
Circuit Magazine April 2015

Stroke Prevention

→Proper Management & Surveillance Of Carotid Disease
Written By: Dr. Patrick Tamim
Circuit Magazine February 2015

Ebola Virus

→Facts vs. Fears
Written By: Dr. William D. Bone, M.D.
Circuit Magazine December 2014

A Vaccine

→To Reconsider

Summer Allergies

→How Do They Effect Me?
Written By: Dr. Toni Pennington, MD, FACOG
Circuit Magazine October 2014

Scope Of Practice

→Shortage Of Primary Care Physicians
Written By: Dr. Alan Harmon, M.D.
Circuit Magazine April 2014


→What Do They Do?
Written By: Dr. Aymen A. Kenawy, MD
Circuit Magazine February 2014

8 Tips For The Holidays & Your Health

→Asthma And Allergy Clinic
Written By: Dr. Geeta Khare, MD
Circuit Magazine December 2013


→Related To Eye Disease
Written By: Dr. Ben Hasty
Circuit Magazine October 2013

Sunburn Today

→Skin Cancer Tomorrow
Written By: Jon Ward, MD, FAAD
Circuit Magazine June 2013

Blood Pressure

→Your Health
Written By: A. Oussama Rifai, MD
Circuit Magazine April 2013

What Is Robotic Surgery?

→The Future
Written By: Dr. Alex Jones
Circuit Magazine February 2013