Take Care of Yourself

Working in the medical field is no easy task, daunting hours, stressful situations, and maybe a negative work environment can lead to depressing thoughts, poor diets, and lack of exercise and sunlight.

One fantastic way to relieve that stress is going outside. Just by going outside for 15 minutes can improve one’s mood and even better their day.

Sara Moss Wolfe Wrote, “Nature is my medicine,” and “look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Sometimes being with nature can be therapeutic after a long or stressful work day and we recommend that you look into getting some outside time during your day.

Maria Perez-Johnson, DO stated, “Taking a deep breath the minute I walk outside into the real world takes me away from any pain or suffering that I may have encountered.” No matter what your pain may be, sometimes you need to take a moment to relax your brain. Especially for everything that has happened after Hurricane Micheal and the destruction he has left behind.

Medical professionals often try to voice the importance of being outside to their patients. Being outside can give you vitamin D and can better moods.

However, you don’t need to sit outside and take everything in. You can always take up outdoor activities too. Something as easy as jogging around your area or going for walks can improve health and mental state. Having better health and a better mood going into work can lead to better decision making and having a happier time at work. Patients want to see a smiling face as their welcomed by the person who is trying to take care of them. This can also cause more significant interaction with patients and to gain their trust more easily and quickly to provide them the help they need.

But, you can not forget that you’re human too. You need positive things in your life, and this should be keeping a healthy diet, exercising, going outside, and surrounding yourself with other positive people.

However, a great way to do that would be to become a member of the Emerald Coast Medical Associate. We have meetings for our physicians where you can be more up to date with information, meet great colleagues and be in a positive environment.