Membership Benefits

Medical Malpractice Program

Our members value superior relations between physicians and patients, therefore, assistance is made available through our Board of Directors to mediate any unresolved grievances patients may have with member physicians.

Cutting Edge Continuing Education

Our members have access to cutting edge Continuing Medical Education to all physicians desiring to excel. Scientific sessions are held every spring that draw physicians near and far. We also offer a Free Professional Level CE Broker Account so all the credits earned through our programs are uploaded on your behalf.

Group Health Plan

Members have access to Group Health Insurance which offers better benefits with long term security at lower rates.

Access to ECMA Member Meetings

As a member you are invited to ECMA Member Meetings which spotlight hot topics and emerging trends in medicine.

Numerous Quality Member Events

Along with our CME Beach Retreat, we also offer numerous other quality member events. We have a New Member Recognition Meeting annually, multiple Live CMEs, and Member Meetings every month.

Networking with Colleagues

Our members have the opportunity to network with our expanding network of physicians.

Representation at Local, State, and Federal Government

Our Board of Governors routinely take time to advocate for patients and physicians at the local, state, and federal level.


A professional level CeBroker account is purchased and maintained for each of our members.

Workers Comp

Insurance program with special dividends for our members.

“Are you who you think you are, or are you who others perceive you as?

The workshop allowed me to obtain anonymous feedback from coworkers. I was amazed at how my perception of myself differed from what others sometimes perceive. The feedback and the workshop helped me to re-conceptualize what I do and how I do it. The conference was fun but also powerful. Well worth the time. Those who participate will be thinking about it long after it is completed.

Thank you to ECMA for allowing me this opportunity for professional development!”

-Susan Balk Kradel M.D., Psychiatrist at Susan Balk, M.D. & Associates, P.A.

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