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→The Most Important Organ

Quite often an individual will look in the mirror and say, “I need to change my lifestyle, get back into a workout routine, eat better.” Not as often will the conservation consider the fitness of the most vital organ in the body – the brain. Asking Doctor Aracelia Bernier about brain health and injury helps to clarify how to keep a better cognitive health.

Understanding brain function varies according to an individual, and the overall health depends on the decisions made. Three types of trauma that can affect the brain are physical, chemical, and emotional. Whether it’s a car accident, alcohol abuse, or broken relationship, the brain can suffer. Dr. Bernier explains ways to safeguard against these types of injuries and ways to indicate injury may have occurred.

Obvious steps include wearing a helmet or a seatbelt to prevent a head injury or getting plenty of sleep and maybe you have a “heart smart” diet as part of your lifestyle. If so, you are also on track with taking good cognitive health.

Staying fit or getting fit is important to the whole body, including the brain. And just like physical fitness plays a part, so does challenging the mind with mental stimulation. The “use it or lose it” rule plays a role in muscles, as well as, the brain.

Not smoking and keeping alcohol to appropriate levels will also aid in good health for your brain. Asking your physician to monitor your prescriptions and sharing any concern you may have about memory loss can be crucial to continued cognitive health. After all, Dr. Bernier adds, “The brain is the place where the choices are made.” We need to keep it healthy.


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