Written by Michelle Flatt.

Our Continued Commitment to Quality Education: CMG Sponsors CE Broker

In our continuous mission to “Empower Physicians to Promote the Highest Quality Patient Care,” we find ourselves constantly adapting and seeking innovative solutions to uphold our core values. The Emerald Coast Medical Association recognizes the importance of sustaining affordable access to quality education resources for our members. It’s with immense gratitude that we announce the extended partnership with Curiosity Marketing Group, in sponsoring the much-revered CE Broker platform.

The Unwavering Journey of ECMA’s CE Broker

Since 2014, Emerald Coast Medical Association has been offering a free Professional Level CE Broker account to all its members. This initiative has saved our community nearly $30,000 over the years, assisting in efficient license renewals and making Continuing Medical Education (CME) a hassle-free process for all involved.

In light of recent developments, CE Broker has upgraded its software platform and capabilities to offer enhanced services, which consequently increased the cost of service. Despite these hurdles, our commitment to facilitating quality education remains unwavering.

CMG Steps In: A Beacon of Support

In the face of rising costs, Curiosity Marketing Group, our Emerald Partner, has come forward to share this financial burden, thus ensuring that our members continue to enjoy the benefits of CE Broker without any disruptions. This remarkable act of support epitomizes CMG’s dedication to standing with the medical community, providing top-notch digital marketing support tailored to meet all their needs.

Sustaining a Legacy of Benefits with CE Broker

With this sponsorship, members will continue to have access to the wide array of benefits that the CE Broker platform offers, including:

  • Personalized compliance transcripts
  • Detailed views of missing requirements
  • Multi-license tracking
  • Secure storage for all certificates & heart cards
  • Assistance with account management from the ECMA staff

Furthermore, members can look forward to expertly planned CME Beach Retreat agendas, informed by the precise knowledge of our community’s needs, ensuring an enriching learning experience.

Looking Ahead with Optimism

As we forge ahead, we remain hopeful and enthusiastic about the promising future that lies ahead for all ECMA members. We are fully committed to navigating the path forward hand in hand with Curiosity Marketing Group, fortified with a shared vision and a passion for serving the medical community.

We will continue to uphold the tradition of excellence, fostered through partnership, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to empowering physicians and promoting the highest quality patient care.


Member Benefits

Member Benefits

The Emerald Coast Medical Association strives to provide superior member benefits. By joining, you will gain access to cutting edge continuing medical education, top medical malpractice & cyber liability insurance plans, and a comprehensive group health plan. Our board also continually advocates at the local, State, and Federal level all with a goal to support our physician members with a desire to excel.



Members are invited to the New Member recognition meeting annually, multiple hot topics meetings to better inform our members and networking social events.

Member Resources

Member Resources

We serve as a community resource for connecting patients and physicians. We are a conduit of information for physicians in a rapidly changing medical environment.

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