Telehealth: Seeing a Medical Professional From Anywhere Around the World

Some time ago, doctors would make house calls for patients who couldn’t get out of the house.

This is still practiced for special cases, but this “old-fashioned” practice is dying off.

Now, this practice has seen a new style of housecall. This virtual revival has doctors from all over being connected to patients at any time. We can already see that 76% of hospitals in the United States are consulting with patients and other practitioners by using video calls over the internet.

Telehealth is here to help both the patient and the medical professional. For the patient, this creates less stress, they won’t have to spend money on transportation, and quicker advice when it’s needed. For the professional, more patients can be seen in less time.

Telehealth can also bring healthcare to a patient who is incapable of traveling physically. This means that patients can get the care they need, regardless of their condition.

What does this mean for facilities management? Almost three out of every four urgent care and ER visits can be helped through a phone or video call. A study of results for 8,000 patients showed no difference in care quality between telehealth appointments and in-person visitations. Sometimes medicine for a patient can be received over the counter, and sometimes the patient may not need medical attention at all.

The future is in technology and in giving the best help the medical world can to its patients. This technology could see many more advancements that could help medical professionals provide even more accurate diagnoses to people in need. For example, the creation of Fitbits and smartwatches have already made a splash with assisting medical professionals in helping with monitoring of a patient’s heart.

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