Vaccinate Your Baby

→For Your Baby’s Health and Your Neighbor’s Health Too!

You are going to have a baby. Congratulations!

Expectant parents read books, talk to friends and family, and they do everything to prepare for delivery so their newborn can have a wonderful life.

To prepare, they choose the best prenatal care, the best pediatrician, the best selection of the type of delivery. The baby arrives, and new parents find more questions and concerns. More decisions. What is the best formula, did we purchase the best bed, what is the best way to introduce cereals into the baby’s diet?

At the first checkup, the doctors say the baby is healthy, and the parents are overjoyed. When the time arrives for the two-month checkup, another decision is necessary. The baby’s first vaccine, should you accept the doctor’s recommendation? You hesitate. Why? You can prevent certain deadly diseases by vaccinating this precious child.

In a recent article, Dr. Ingrid Rachesky addresses common misconceptions about vaccinations, and she warns parents to listen to their pediatrician and to avoid believing the scare tactics spun from the misinformed. She reminds everyone that staying on course with the proper vaccinations will help to safeguard the welfare of your baby, as well as, neighbors, family, friends and the vulnerable children that come in contact with your child.

When vaccination rates fall, diseases return. Increased cases of Measles and Pertussis, more commonly known as whooping cough, are two examples indicating a decline in immunizations and a rise in concern for the health of society. These increases reflect an increase in the number of hospitalizations and deaths, too. Dr. Rachesky encourages parents to keep vaccinations up-to-date and follow the recommendations of the pediatrician.

A delay between vaccinations reduces the effectiveness of the vaccine.
According to Dr. Rachesky, “Not vaccinating is really not just a personal choice. It truly affects us all. The science is clear.”


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