Walgreens Becoming the New Leader in the Consumer Health Market

Walgreens and Microsoft are teaming up to become the most efficient consumer health market available. The two powerhouse companies are going to bring new technology and retail innovations to alter the healthcare delivery space. This multi-year agreement is being aimed to lower the costs of medical supplies and improve patients’ wellbeing. Walgreens has been making impressive partnerships with companies over the last few months to bring their customers the best experience possible. Walgreens has also made agreements with Silicon Valley, Verily, Alphabet Inc. and LabCorp to bring both new technology and more effective healthcare resources to consumers.

“Our strategic partnership with Microsoft demonstrates our strong commitment to creating integrated, next-generation, digitally enabled healthcare delivery solutions for our customers, transforming our stores into modern neighborhood health destinations and expanding customer offerings,” Stefano Pessina, executive vice chairman and chief executive officer of Walgreens had this to say about Microsoft partnering with Walgreens.

This partnership could mean quicker, better, and more stress-free care for their consumers, which will also solidify that customers are getting the necessary supplies to keep their health. If the medicine they get is not working, they can notify their local Walgreens to get the required supplies. One of the first issues Walgreens wishes to fix is their ability to connect with consumers through their digital devices. The goal is to make the customer feel more like an individual who truly matters to the company.

Another goal is building more information based on data science and artificial intelligence to help their customers feel even more personalized. The agreement offers more things to Walgreens than better health for their customers. Microsoft will also become the cloud provider for Walgreens, and the pharmacy chain will transfer the majority of its company’s IT infrastructure onto Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is gifting Microsoft 365 to more than 380,000 employees in the process.

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