Physician Burnout Presents Differently in Male and Female Doctors

Are you emotionally exhausted even after rest? Do you find yourself short tempered or irritable when interacting with patients, colleagues or staff? Have you questioned the value of continuing to try when your efforts feel futile? These are all symptoms of burnout.

Burnout is a real fear amongst everyone, to include doctors. No one wants wake up to the realization that they want to quit or a feeling of worthlessness. Learn from Dr. Dike Drummond, CEO of about the symptoms of burnout and how to combat them.

Dr. Drummond describes the three primary symptoms of burnout and explains the different ways that women and men experience them. Finally he provides advice on how physicians can identify and combat these symptoms to prevent burnout.

Read the article to learn more about what your mind and body are telling you and how to avoid or conquer burnout.

Risk Management Strategies for Disruptive Behavior

Personal codes of conduct are a major part of healthcare provider’s Human Resource programs. No matter the practice specialty, there are ethics training options available in education and continuing education. Failure to comply with the ethical standards can result in a negative workplace culture and decrease in quality patient care.

The MedPro Group article explains:

  • What is disruptive behavior?
  • The impact disruptive behavior has on staff morale and patient care.
  • The causes of disruptive behavior.
  • How to identify and confront disruptive behavior.

For more information on MedPro you can visit the Emerald Coast Medical Association website.

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5 Misconceptions about Cyber Liability Exposures

There are many misinterpretations about cyber liability exposures. Are you comfortable that you understand and are covered for cyber liability exposures? These five misconceptions are the biggest mistakes organizations can make.

  1. Cyber breaches are mostly a result of foreign offshore sophisticated hackers who are only targeting large retail and healthcare systems.
  2. All cyber exposures are covered under general liability coverage.
  3. Using cloud storage service reduces risk and liability.
  4. We’re too small to be a target for cyber extortion.
  5. The cost of a cyber breach is limited to notification expenses and credit monitoring.

Does your practice fall victim to one of these popular misconceptions? If you are, we hope to change your mind regarding the severity of this matter.

The bottom line on this matter is: cyber liability exposures are a constant threat to today’s businesses. Not only do organizations need the proper insurance coverage, they also need to get educated on cyber liability. There also needs to be a plan for when breaches do happen. Please do not take this topic lightly; you never know what tomorrow holds.

Read more on the details of the Big 5 Misconceptions on the Ultra Risk Advisors website:

ECMA partners with Danna-Gracey who have partnerships with the top Cyber carriers in the country to cover all of their member’s needs, regardless of the size of a practice. Please visit our site to see more on what the ECMA can offer you.

Ransomware: A Blackmail Security Breach

According to an article written on January 30, 2017 by the Managing Editor of The Cyber Security Source, Ransomware attacks quadrupled in 2016 and are anticipated to double that in 2017. Many of these risks came after a staff member accidentally opened a file or a laptop/pad/phone was lost or stolen. Interestingly, ransomware attacks seem most common at the end of a financial quarter or during busy shopping periods.

Recently, there have been of a number of healthcare organizations that have had their information held at ransom impacting their internal data system, the confidentiality of their electronic records as well as their employee information.

Please note that this is indeed a breach and under Florida Law you must notify your patients within 30 days of the Ransomware attack or your organization could be fined a fee per patient per day back to the date of the breach. The average cost-per-record in a healthcare breach is $402, according to statistics from Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: United States.

This could potentially destroy a practice.

Organizations either paid the requested ransom (via PayPal or Bitcoins) or used the information stored on their most current backup and moved on, failing to notify their patients as they did not feel that this was a real breach.

Florida Notification Obligation:

“501.171 Security of confidential personal information.—

(1) DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section, the term:

(a) “Breach of security” or “breach” means unauthorized access of data in electronic form containing personal information. Good faith access of personal information by an employee or agent of the covered entity does not constitute a breach of security, provided that the information is not used for a purpose unrelated to the business or subject to further unauthorized use.

Read more on the “501.171 Security of confidential personal information” Section of Florida Law.”

Steps to Follow if You Encounter A Breach:

  1. If you encounter a Ransomware Breach, contact you cyber policy hotline or your malpractice insurance company’s claim manager.
  2. You will be assigned a Breach Coach who will access the incident and determine if claim should be filed.
  3. If a claim is filed, a call will be initiated between the Carrier, your agent, and a 3rd Party Forensic Law firm that the carrier has a contract with.
  4. The 3rd party Forensic Firm will remotely log into the affected system to access the depth of the damage determining what happened, how it was affected, take the necessary steps to get the system up and running.
  5. Hire a PR firm to coach the insured on the best way to notify their patients and staff
  6. Determine the damage for Business Interruption reimbursement
  7. Set up a call center to answer calls once the patients/staff have been notified and for credit card monitoring.

To learn more about Cyber Insurance options please visit the Emerald Coast Medical Association website to speak with Executive Director, Michelle Flaat or the Danna Gracey Insurance Specialist, Julie Danna.

Keep a Handle on Your Practice’s Social Media

For better or worse, social media has become a huge part of our daily routines. The medical world has been hesitant to engage through social media, in part, because of patient confidentiality. Now, patients want to see the medical field more present in social media.

There are many factors to consider before introducing your practice to social media:

  • Potential benefits
  • Potential risks
  • How to maintain privacy and security
  • Establishing necessary boundaries
  • Developing social media policies
  • How to control the quality and presence of your practice

The Emerald Coast Medical Association is a professional membership of practicing and retired physicians who are willing to share their experiences on navigating the challenges of social media while running a practice.

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Tax Season is the Reason for Cyberattacks

It appears that the 2017 tax year is going to be exactly like 2016’s, if not worse, with cybercriminals targeting small to medium-size organizations.

Here is how the extremely simple process works:

  • An HR department or their Payroll staff receives an email that appears to come from their CEO or CFO, requesting a digital copy of all of employees’ W-2s because they are currently filing their corporate tax return.
  • Naturally, the individual replies and attaches the requested information.
  • It’s then redirected to the lurking cybercriminal, who takes that information and files fraudulent tax returns for every one of the employees from the information that was conveniently provided to them.

Here is the scary part. These criminals have figured out not only how to steal tax information, but how to match the W-2 information with the tax returns prior to sending refunds — those bad guys can make their fake data match those W-2s.

Before you become a victim of one of these types of attacks, make sure your Cyber Insurance policies are not only current, but also accurate.

For further information on Cyber Insurance or if you have questions on this article, please call me, Julie Danna, at Danna-Gracey, at 850.530.3924 or email me at

Avoid the Rising Insurance Premiums

Medical malpractice insurance coverage rates are predicted to rise in the near future, except for the Emerald Coast Medical Association malpractice insurance program members.

An article, Physicians Should Prepare for Increase in Malpractice Premiums Written by Vanessa Orr, posted in the South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report, gives all the details about how the soft market will transform and premiums are going to rise.

Want to know how to lock in the best medical malpractice premiums before they rise?
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Credit Business Services, Inc. Enters Partnership with ECMA

Emerald Coast Medical Association is proud to announce that Credit Business Services, Inc. will be joining the short list of preferred partners that are recommended to their members.

Credit Business Services, Inc. is the foremost debt collection agency and strategic accounts receivable management partner in Northwest Florida specializing in Medical Debt Collection. Established in 1953, Credit Business Services, Inc. has seen time tested debt collection success! They have experienced consistent growth since its inception and has developed into a trusted partner with clients throughout the United States.

Tommy Cooley Jr., President, of CB Services, Inc. said, “Our decision to partner with Emerald Coast Medical Association was based on many factors, but mainly because we see real benefits we can bring to the membership with our participation and services. I am looking forward to meeting with members and developing relationships. We want to make a difference with our role in the Association.”

Credit Business Services, Inc. shares Associations and Accreditation with some of the nation’s top Financial and Business organizations. ECMA is proud to have them as a preferred partner going into 2017. We look forward to the services that they can provide our members.

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Summer Allergies

→How Do They Affect Me?

While summer is promising warm weather, lots of sunny days on the beach, and beautiful flowers, for people with allergies or asthma, it’s a season of sneezing, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. Allergies in Florida seem to get worse as the season changes.
Dr. Geeta Khare describes the common symptoms, causes, and possible treatments of summer allergies. She is board certified by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology and American Board of Internal Medicine. She points out that because of the geographical location of Florida Panhandle, residents and visitors exposure to particular types of pasture grasses can make allergies more severe.

One of the primary treatments available is the avoidance of the known pollens. The trick is the necessity to staying inside and limiting the presence of pollens in your home and garden. Another option is medication, and there are many oral medications as well as allergy shots. Dr. Khare recommends talking to your allergist about the right treatment for you.

Scope Of Practice

→Shortage Of Primary Care Physicians

Dr. Alan Harmon, the president of the Florida Medical Association, shares his insight on the proposed legislation that would allow advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs) to prescribe medication without any physician’s supervision. His expertise and years of practice in internal medicine and gastroenterology field allow him to have a deeper understanding of the issue. He believes this proposal might affect a patients’ care.
The difference in training, the amount of hours of post-training clinical practice, and multiple examples of the doctors working with ARNPs are just some of the reasons Dr. Harmon mentions. He emphasizes that it’s in a patients’ best interests not to sacrifice the quality of medical care for a lower cost.

On the comparison chart for the scope of practice, it clearly indicates a need for more consideration before taking radical steps towards authorizing nurse practitioners to administer and prescribe medications unsupervised. Dr. Harmon also concluded that this proposal would not fix the shortage of Florida physicians, but it could create other problems.